February 3

In-Laws - Exodus 18

Message Notes

Five Traits of Great In-Laws

Trait #1: Recognize - v.1-4

They look for, recognize, and focus on what their in-law is doing well.

Trait #2: Respect - v.5-7

They carefully build & maintain respect with intentionality.

Trait #3 - Relationship - v.8-12

They understand that, in order to build a strong & vital relationship with an in-law, it takes vulnerability and - at times - hard work. If done well, it will last a lifetime!

Trait #4 - Realize - v.13-18

They realize through observation, study, care, and prayer what their in-laws are going through. If they believe they can help with counsel or service, they ask permission to do so.

Trait #5 - Release - v.19-27

They release their in-laws to God's will & direction for their life.

God Tools to Apply: Guidelines for Great In-Laws

  1. Pray for your in-laws. "Who you pray for, you'll care for."
  2. Think positively of your in-laws.
  3. Speak well of your in-laws.
  4. Recognize that you are family for life.
  5. Release your children to their mate's role and/or authority.
  6. Release your parents from their role of authority over your life.
  7. Respect your child's role as a parent.
  8. Trust your grandchildren to their parents' care.
  9. Brag to your grandchildren about their parents.
  10. Give counsel with permission or when asked for.
  11. Talk about and understand family & marital boundaries.

Takeaway Tools:

The Book of Ruth - the story of a mother & daughter-in-law

The Purpose Driven Family Series - Rick Warren (YouTube)

Focus on the Family - broadcast / podcast

Boundaries - Updated & Expanded - by Henry Cloud & John Townsend