January 13

Money - Matthew 6:21-33

Message Notes

I wonder what I would want, or have and own, if I didn't know what everyone else has and owns? My problem is that I know too much about what others have and what I don't have. And this information makes me dangerously discontent! - Andy Stanley

God's Choice: Tools to Replace Discontent

Choose God's focus for your life & treasure.

Matthew 6:21

Choose who & what you will follow.

Matthew 6:24

Mastered by money, or mastering your money?

  1. Give
  2. Save
  3. Live

Recommended: 10/10/80 under 30, 10/10/10/70 over 30

Choose not to worry.

Matthew 6:31-32

Choose to trust God.

Matthew 6:33

Choose to serve God.

Matthew 10:42-45

Communication Tools to Apply

Luke 6:38

Communication Tools to Take Away:

Dave Ramsey: Financial Peace University

The Dave Ramsey Show, KTAR Radio 92.3, weekdays at noon

anything of his on YouTube